Agence France Press - 

Adam was an Aussie not an African, Australian researchers say. SYDNEY, (AFP) - Tuesday, January 9 10:00 AM SGT

Jeremy Alder -

The Evolution Controversy: What's There To Be Afraid Of? The Student Wedge Update

Jeremy Alder - 

The Coming Revolution: It's Up to Us. The Student Wedge Update 05/15/01 

Denis Alexander - 

Science in search of God; Face To Faith. "The Guardian" (London) August 25, 2001 SECTION: Guardian Leader Pages, Pg. 24 

Associated Press - 

Man Jumps Into Zoo's Gorilla Exhibit. "Washington Post" Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2001 NEW YORK 

Paul S. Agutter; P. Colm Malone; Denys N. Wheatley 

Diffusion Theory in Biology: A Relic of Mechanistic Materialism. Journal of the History of Biology 33: 71�111, 2000. Š2000 Klüwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands. 71 

Natalie Angier -

Do Races Differ? Not Really, Genes Show. The New York Times, August 22, 2000, Tuesday, Page F1, Science Desk

Natalie Angier - 

New Rules in Sperm and Egg's Cat-and-Mouse Game. The New York Times 27 Feb. 2001 

Natalie Angier - 

Defining the Undefinable: The Living Cell, The New York Times, December 18, 2001

Bryan Appleyard -

Some scientists are as dogmatic as the fundamentalists they attack. New Scientist magazine, 22 April 2000

George Arnold - 

The ayatollahs strike again. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, March 27, 2001, Tuesday Pg. B4 

Nathan Aviezer - 

Anthropic Principle. Jewish Action magazine (Spring 1999)

Larry  Johnston, Comments

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