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John Calvert -  ID net Urges Kansas State Board to Teach Origins Science Objectively and withaut Religious or Naturalistic Bias. January 5, 2001 NEWS RELEASE:  
Tony Carnes - Design Interference. William Dembski fired from Baylor s Intelligent Design center. posted 11/28/00 (December 4, 2000 issue)
Robert Todd Carroll -  Intelligent Design   
Geoff Casey - Editorial. Scientists back Day's views.
Winnipeg Free Press Sunday, November 19, 2000
Jack Cashill - The State of Embarrassment.  
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Chicago Sun-Times, December 10, 2000

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Light may have slowed down. "New Scientist" 14:20   15  August  01

Robert Cialdini - Influence! Turning Persuasion from an Art into a Science (with commentary on the making and unmaking of terrorist zeal) E-SKEPTIC FOR NOVEMBER 27, 2001 UPCOMING SKEPTIC EVENTS Sunday, December 2, 2:00pm   
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Areson Clark, Evolution for John Doe.pdf 

Evolution for John Doe.  


Tom Clarke - 

Shocked bacteria swap genes. "Nature Science Updates", 1 August 2001 "Cobb County (Georgia) School Board Promotes Academic Freedom

Lori Horvitz - 77 years after Scopes trial, evolution fight still rages. September 16, 2002
The Cobb Board voted unanimously tonight for the following resolution: Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 19:51:55 -0500
Discovery Institute Praises Cobb Board. Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 18:47:03 -0700
Georgia School District Votes to Allow Different Views Taught on Origin of Life. Associated Press Thursday, September 26, 2002 
Ga. school board OKs teaching creationism. CNN Student news.
It's NOT about Creationism! Discovery Institute. AP Flubs Cobb County (Georgia) Story

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BreakPoint with Charles Colson -  BreakPoint with Charles Colson - According to Hoyle: Worldview and the Big Bang. Commentary #010830 - 08/30/2001  
BreakPoint with Charles Colson -  BreakPoint with Charles Colson - Dinosaur to Bird: Or, Theory Before Evidence. Commentary #010514 - 5/14/2001   
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