Alfabetycznie: Editorial Reviews - Book Description Reprint of Theism and humanism, being the Gifford lectures delivered at the University of Glasgow, 1914, by the Rt. Hon. Arthur James Balfour: Theism and Humanism : The Book that Influenced C. S. Lewis by Arthur J. Balfour, C. S. Lewis, Michael W. Perry (Editor)   
Emily Eakin - 'Sexual Selections': Show Me Your Plumage. "The New York Times" July 14, 2002  
Gregg Easterbrook - The New Fundamentalism. The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, August 8, 2000  
John Easton

Human and fly studies tally good and bad mutations, stress ongoing role of natural selection. 

Nick G. C. Smith and Adam Eyre-Walker - Adaptive protein evolution in Drosophila. Nature, 415, 1022 - 1024 (28 February 2002) 

Justin C. Fay, Gerald J. Wyckoff & Chung-I Wu. - Testing the neutral theory of molecular evolution with genomic data from Drosophila. Nature, 415, 1024 - 1026 (28 February 2002) 


Steve Edinger -

Why intelligent design doesn't resemble science. "The Columbus Dispatch" Wednesday, January 2, 2002 


Joseph Poulshock - A letter to "The Columbus Dispatch"  Date: Thu Jan 03, 2002 10:29:59 Asia/Tokyo Subject: Popular Misconceptions about Intelligent Design

Rich Elias - Evolution Expert Defends Theory But Brushes off Critics. "The Columbus Dispatch" December 2, 2001 Sunday, Home Final Edition SECTION: FEATURES - ACCENT & ARTS; Science; Pg. 07E (LENGTH: 756 words)   
Erin Emery -  Bible class divides a small Colorado town. "Denver Post" Southern Colorado Bureau Jan. 15, 2001 "The External Review Committee Report. Baylor University".
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