Leonard Jackson -  An evolution revolutionary. The Sunday Oklahoman, February 04, 2001, Sunday  Pg. 1 
Shaw Bob - Ex-Wgtn man's book on evolution popular. The Evening Post (Wellington), February 5, 2001, Pg. 13
Peter Jackson -  Pa. Schools Revise Science Standard. Associated Press Thursday July 12 8:15 PM ET  HARRISBURG, Pa.   
Barry James -  It Came From Outer Space; Catastrophist Theories of Life Gaining Ground. "The International Herald Tribune" August 23, 2001 Thursday, Pg. 8   
George Johnson -  DNA and Darwin: Research shows that evolution repeats itself in Caribbean lizards. St. Louis Post-dispatch Published: 4-6-01   
Phillip Johnson - Interview with Phillip E. Johnson. This interview was conducted via e-mail during the week of August 14, 2000.  
Phillip Johnson -  Letter to First Things. (unpublished) Tue, 09 Jan 2001 13:41:46 -0800  Johnson on his roll in ID. P. Johnson at Northshore Church in Everett, WA. 04/19/2001 Question/Answer period. 

Phillip Johnson, speaking at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary June 27 --from Bapt Press July 19, 2001 


Michael Foust - Philip Johnson: Evolution battles at Baylor, Kan. could have been won.
Michael Foust - Johnson says academic freedom makes evolution's days numbered. 

Jeff Robinson - Johnson: Evangelicals focus on the heart at expense of the mind.


Arthur Jones - Review: John F Haught, *God After Darwin: A Theology of Evolution* (Oxford: Westview Press, 2000, 221 pp, hb, Ł19.50, ISBN 0-8133-6723-9), 'Science & Christian Belief' 14 (1), April 2002, 93-94.   
Lyall Jones -  Fossil record supports co-existence of dinosaurs and man. "The Ottawa Citizen" Sunday 14 January 2001   
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