Paul Tait -  Australia Challenges Out-Of-Africa Evolution Theory. Tuesday January 9 3:44 AM ET   
Paul Tait - Fossil Finder Disputes Age, Backs Evolution Claim. Wednesday January 10 4:32 AM ET Times -  Stephen Jay Gould, palaeontologist and popular science writer, was born on September 10, 1941. He died on May 20, 2002, aged 60. "The Times" (London) May 22, 2002, Wednesday SECTION: Features LENGTH: 1758 words  Teen Tries to Debunk Evolution in Lawsuit. CHARISMA NEWS SERVICE Thu, Aug 02, 2001 Vol. 3 No. 92   
Bert Thompson and Brad Harrub - 15 Answers to John Rennie and Scientific American's Nonsense. Apologetics Press. Inc. Oryginał:   
David S. Toolan -  In the Beginning; Review; book review. Can a Darwinian Be a Christian? The Relationship Between Science and Religion By Michael Ruse Cambridge Univ.Press. 233p. $24.95 America, December 9, 2000, No. 19, Vol. 183; Pg. 26  Pratt likely to review biology standards. "Topeka Capitol-Journal"
Sat, 17 Feb 2001 The Associated Press
Bijal P. Trivedi - Evolution on Fast Forward: Finches Adapt to Climates. National Geographic Today January 10, 2002 (  
David J. Tyler -  Salt and light: Christian involvement in academia. [to be published in "Origins" (U.K.) in 2001] Review of "Wedge of Truth" Phillip E. Johnson InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, 2000   
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