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Donald Savage and Kathleen Burton - NASA Scientist Finds Some Meteorites Not Sugar-Free RELEASE: 01-253 (
Robert Lee Hotz - Probing the Chemistry of Creation. Scientists are studying comets, volcanoes and other planets for clues to the origin of life on Earth. The quest is frustrating, but some say life forms may be brewed in a lab within decades. Los Angeles Times Thursday, May 15, 1997 (
Duane A. Schmidt - In the Beginning was - what? "WorldNetDaily" Saturday, January 5, 2002 © (
Scientists: Land Life Began 2.6 Billion Years Ago. Reuters, Wednesday November 29 2000 3:29 PM ET (
Richard Stenger - Report: Space sugar sweetened primordial soup. December 20, 2001 Posted: 9:35 AM EST (1435 GMT) (
Nicholas Wade - Life's Origins Get Murkier and Messier; Genetic Analysis Yields Intimations of a Primordial Commune.  The New York Times, June 13, 2000, Tuesday, Page F1; Science Desk (
David Whitehouse - Life's sweet start. Did life's building blocks fall from the skies? BBC News Thursday, 20 December, 2001, 00:00 GMT  (

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