Robert Cialdini - Influence! Turning Persuasion from an Art into a Science (with commentary on the making and unmaking of terrorist zeal) E-SKEPTIC FOR NOVEMBER 27, 2001 UPCOMING SKEPTIC EVENTS Sunday, December 2, 2:00pm (
Jeff Hecht - Probability of alien life rises. 19:00 15 May 02 (
Richard Milner - Stephen Jay Gould Is My Name. Based on "My Name is John Wellington Wells" from "The Sorcerer" (With apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan) E-SKEPTIC FOR MAY 26, 2002 (http://www.jodkowski/pl/sc/RMilner001.html)
Skeptik magazine (
Science and the psychology of beliefs - A Talk with Michael Shermer - Edge 89 - August 23, 2001 EXCERPT (


Suzy Hansen - Science, semi-science and nonsense.

Michael Shermer - The Borderlands of Science: Where Sense Meets Nonsense.
Matt Norwood

Paul Howard

Pete Priel

Noah Silbert

Charles A. Richardson

David Seppa

Martin Lerner

Paranormal beliefs linked to brain chemistry. New Scientist 24 July 02 (

Michael Shermer - Shermer's Last Law. Any sufficiently advanced Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence is indistinguishable from God. (
Michael Shermer - E-SKEPTIC: Evolution and Creationism (
Michael Shermer - Adieu Steve E-SKEPTIC FOR MAY 20, 2002 (
Michael Shermer - The Gradual Illumination of the Mind. The advance of science, not the demotion of religion, will best counter the influence of creationism. SKEPTIC COLUMN, FEBRUARY 2002 (
Michael Shermer - Paranormal beliefs linked to brain chemistry. E-SKEPTIC FOR JULY 25, 2002 New Scientist 24 July 02 (

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